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My view on this book

Wonderstruck - Brian Selznick

Wonder struck is very good book but i can get confusing at times but the base story is wonderful their are 2 stories unfolding before you side by side. The 2 main characters are Rose which is told in pictures, and Ben which is told in words.Both of them have something missing in their life and they went to New York to try to find what they are missing.

My favorite character is Rose. Even though there are many setbacks in her life like being deaf, not knowing sign language and not being allowed to see her mother she disobeyed her father so that she could go to New York to see her very famous mother. When she goes though all the trouble of affording the boat to go to New York she gets scolded for coming to see her. Then she hides out in a museum as she does not want to go home.

In the end we find out that Rose was Ben's Grandma and they took a tour around the museum she bought and told Ben of her mother and her backstory.What makes this book great is how the 2 stories seem to connect to each other, even though one takes place 50 years ahead of the other.

What I have learned from the book is that despite all the hardships and problems we have we must never give up the will to continue in life and in anything good thing we do as eventually it will pay off.